Search Engine Marketing (SEM/SEO/PPC)

I’ve been working with SEM since it’s inception around 2004. I started building websites mainly because I was frustrated with non-compliant, inefficient code found on client sites and how difficult it was to have it remediated.

SEM can drive precisely targeted traffic to a website and solve the pain points of prospects exactly when they are literally searching for relief. We can track all of this and uncover the most efficient marketing combinations that consistently produce demonstrable, positive-ROI results.


I have been seeing exceptionally affordable and effective results from Facebook for years. We can setup Facebook campaigns of various types and integrate them with other channels.

Remarketing & Retargeting

Show display ads around the larger internet to people who have visited a specific website or searched for something relevant to your client’s business. These are the ads you sometimes see “following you around the internet”.


It’s true, email is still king of marketing. And it’s ridiculously cheap and easy to setup and run.

Conversion Optimization

Digital marketing inherently produces a lot of data that can be used to figure out exactly what works and what doesn’t. We can set all this up and you will be able to clearly demonstrate to your client that your efforts are effective.


I’ve always been data driven and have spent much of my career working with data so I can give my clients and employers the best information and make the best decisions. If you need a data-driven report on something chances are we can write it and likely at a price point that enhances margins.